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        High precision slewing bearing with oblique teeth from Luoyang Jiayu accept by customer

        CRB355 is crossed roller slewing bearing which is composed of oblique teeth outer ring,inner ring,spacer and rollers.The rollers are arranged in the way that they  are perpendicular to each other. By this way, one bearing can carry on loads from all direction so that the space can be saved the cost can be reduced.

        The bearing is used in high precision instrument so it should have high accuracy and unique starting torque.In order to meet the requirements,the teeth are ground many times so that it can be matched with gear perfectly.

        The outer diameter of the bearing is 475mm,the pitch circle 495.723mm and the inner diameter is 355mm. The runout of the bearing is only 0.004um.

        If you need this kind of bearing,please contact us.

        Selection and Design

        We can provide bearing type selection and design according to your specific requirements.

        Real-time follow-up

        From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, documented product quality control, factory real-time follow-up

        Complete range

        Various kinds of bearings, including large, super-large turntable bearings, precision cross-roller bearings, thin-walled bearings, precision angular contact ball bearings, ceramic ball bearings, steel wire raceway bearings, joint bearings, etc., have complete accuracy grades.

        High quality and low price

        Because there are factories, we can provide high quality products and guarantee low prices.